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Replacing an Accidental Culture with an Outcomes Culture

Peter Drucker told us ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. (1) Most executives are capable at strategy. And most appreciate the importance of culture. But how many organisations have a clearly defined culture? How many staff could articulate their organisation’s culture? You’re probably saying ‘not many’. There’s a reason for this. Culture isn’t easy. Here’s an [...]

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Six Simple Steps to Continuous Improvement

  Can you think of an organisation that doesn’t believe it must improve? If you know of one, there’s a chance it won’t exist for long. Organisations operate in one of only two states - improving or dying. But how many organisations have a formal program for continuous improvement?     And for those organisations [...]

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There’s a Gap in Strategy Planning

Every organisation has strategies. For most, the challenge is not in developing strategies but in executing them. It’s easy to underestimate the difficulty and duration of implementation. This difficulty is made worse when two key planning steps are missed. Before addressing the two missing steps, defining execution capability will help. Execution Capability Execution capability is [...]

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How Lack of Execution Capability Undermines Strategy

The vision compelled. The new company would become the world’s largest online retailer of sports apparel. The strategy shone. They would create a user experience unlike anything seen before. A virtual salesperson would help shoppers choose. The shoppers would drag and drop clothes onto virtual models to visualise the clothes. The investors flocked – putting [...]

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You Need Execution Capability

Execution capability is “the underlying ability to execute a strategy”. To illustrate, if you want to launch a product globally, you need a global infrastructure. Without a global infrastructure, you won’t have execution capability. The strategy will fail. For strategies to succeed, you need execution capability. It sounds simple enough. And it is. But simple [...]

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