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The Chief Capability Officer

The book that inspired Coordinated Capability

Jordan Harris, new CEO at Leader Manufacturing, has a bold vision for the future; one that’s excited the board, executives and the staff. Now he must execute.

But, it isn’t working!

Jordan learns, in a most uncomfortable way, of a botched delivery to their second largest customer. He discovers even deeper issues which, if not fixed, will mean his career as CEO is over.

He is rocked to discover a missing link between his strategies and execution and to realise he is responsible for all that has gone wrong. He responds, developing a unique and enduring solution.

A work of fiction, the book brings into sharp focus a challenge facing every organisation – to execute strategies you must first have the capability to execute them, and you must develop this capability.

It’s an endemic challenge and the compelling, unique and enduring solution developed by Jordan is suitable for any organization.


There are a few principles that underpin our pricing

  • Coordinated Capability is a program you will use every year, and so the price is a small annual fee rather than a large upfront fee.

  • We charge based on your organisation’s size, as larger organisations will enjoy larger monetary returns than smaller organisations.
  • Size is based either on number of staff or revenue. You can apply whichever produces the lower cost.
Size of Organisation Annual Price in A$
Revenue Number of Employees
Up to A$200m Up to 1,000 $3,900 pa
Over A$200m up to A$1bn Over 1,000 up to 5,000 $9,900 pa
Over $1bn Over 5,000 $19,900 pa

Special Limited Offer – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

On payment of the initial annual fee, you will have full access to the videos and tools provided under Coordinated Capability. For a limited period of time, if you decide within 30 days of being granted access to this material , that you do not wish to continue using Coordinated Capability, we will refund your initial payment in full.

Good faith – there is trust on our part in this money back guarantee. You will have access to all of the materials. We ask in return that to cancel your license in this 30 day window, you have the senior executive officer or most senior finance officer in the licensing organisation inform us in writing and commit that no element of Coordinated Capability will be used.

Consulting – should you prefer us to assist you in developing a Capability Plan, our consulting rate is A$3.200/day, and it would typically take about 4 days to set up the program and facilitate key meetings.

Fine Print

The size of organisation is determined by the entity which licenses the use of Coordinated Capability. If Coordinated Capability will be used, for example, in one division of a multi-division organisation, then that division should license Coordinated Capability. If the parent company licenses Coordinated Capability, then the size of the parent company will determine the price.

As with the 30 day money back guarantee, there should be good faith between us concerning ongoing license payments. The price assumes most organisations will use the principles of Coordinated Capability over an extended period of time and continue to pay the low annual fee. If your organisation continues to use these principles or techniques, then you should continue to pay the annual license fee. We ask that if you wish to cancel your license, the senior executive officer or most senior finance officer in the licensing organisation inform us in writing.

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Buy Book – The Chief Capability Officer

Delivering the Capability to Execute ($A9.95)

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