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Reduce risk and increase returns by
ensuring execution capability

Execution Capability:
The underlying ability to execute strategies

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What We Do

Ensure Execution Capability

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Coordinate HR, IT, Process and Partners

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Rapid Review of Execution Capability

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How We Do It

We start with a simple framework for analysing your operations, based on Execution Outcomes. These are the top 8-10 things your operations must consistently deliver.

When planning a new strategy, not all execution outcomes will be affected. For those affected, you will

  • Review the processes, systems, people skills and partners needed.
  • Identify any gaps
  • Agree metrics or KPI’s
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritise the opportunities and develop a practical, manageable action plan.

To assist you, we provide

  • Full video guides for every step.
  • A step-by-step template for building your plan.

  • A detailed Facilitators Guide.

Using these tools, Coordinated Capability can be run without outside consultants.

But if you’d prefer to have an outside facilitator, we can provide that help as well.

Like to see a video overview of the program? Watch the video.

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The Chief Capability Officer

The book that inspired Coordinated Capability

Jordan Harris, new CEO at Leader Manufacturing, has a bold vision for the future; one that’s excited the board, executives and the staff. Now he must execute.

But, it isn’t working!

Jordan learns, in a most uncomfortable way, of a botched delivery to their second largest customer. He discovers even deeper issues which, if not fixed, will mean his career as CEO is over.

He is rocked to discover a missing link between his strategies and execution and to realise he is responsible for all that has gone wrong. He responds, developing a unique and enduring solution.

A work of fiction, the book brings into sharp focus a challenge facing every organisation – to execute strategies you must first have the capability to execute them, and you must develop this capability.

It’s an endemic challenge and the compelling, unique and enduring solution developed by Jordan is suitable for any organization.

When to Call Us

You should call us if you want to

Conduct a rapid review of Execution Capability

Use the Self Assessment Tool

Implement new strategies

Analyse execution capability before you launch.

Improve productivity

Use the framework to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Coordinate HR, IT, Process and Partners

Coordinated Capability creates a single plan for all departments.

Communicate with Staff on Current Initiatives

Use the framework to communicate current initiatives and develop common measures of success

Drive Continuous Improvement

Coordinated Capability provides a simple, low-intensity method.

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More Detail

Understanding Execution Capability – the White Paper

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The Coordinated Capability program – 12 minute video overview

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Rapid Review of Execution Capability – detail on the Self Assessment Tool

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