Overview of Self Assessment Tool

Overview of Self Assessment Tool 2017-03-29T05:37:04+00:00

To execute strategies, the underlying execution capability must exist. But every organisation has some gap in its execution capability.

The Self-Assessment Tool helps you evaluate whether the gaps in your execution capability need corrective action. We provide guidance on how to rate three topics –

  1. Your Current Execution Capability – a simple framework to examine the big things the organisation must get right.
  2. Current Plans to Address Gaps – a review of current initiatives to determine whether they will fix the big gaps in your execution capability.
  3. Alignment of Initiatives – to run, every organisation needs processes, systems, people skills and partners. Do initiatives in these four elements directly link to your organisation strategies/initiatives?
    An organisation can only optimise performance if the four elements are aligned, with common focus, intensity and timing.